Greeley Furnace Financing Options


Here is a listing of Greeley Furnace's predetermined pricing*.

Normal Hours

$120 Diagnostic
Plus Flat Rate Repair


$180 Diagnostic
Plus Flat Rate Repair

*Over 15 Miles from Office: Additional $1.50/mile from Office to Job Site (One Way)


We offer many types of services and therefore different pricing structures. From flat-rate clean and check of a furnace or air-conditioner to bid pricing equipment replacement, and consultation priced by the job.

Most common of course would be the diagnostic fee if you have no heat, or no cool in the summer, this includes the trip charges within our service territory, diagnosis of what the problem is and what the repair or repairs will cost, and when they can be accomplished.

“I just had Matt out to do my 6 month check-up and was really pleased with him. He did a very thorough job. I look forward to having him back next time.
–Cary G., Local Review