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A thermostat regulates the internal temperature of your home and can be instrumental in keeping your home efficient and comfortable. The biggest benefit can be energy savings, at Greeley Furnace Heating and Air we install Honeywell thermostats and offer three different types of systems:

  • Remote thermostat: The newest innovation, from any location you might be traveling so you can control the climate in your home from your electronic device
  • Programmable Remote thermostat: Allows you to easily set your heating and/or cooling system to operate at different temperatures throughout the day and night

Programmable thermostats can save you money on energy bills because you can choose to have your system “turn off” during the hours you are not home. Programmable thermostat benefits include:

  • Maintain the desired humidity level in your home
  • Prompt you to change your air filter
  • Alert you when there is a problem with your furnace or AC.
  • Certain Programmable thermostats qualify for Xcel efficiency rebates
  • Alerts you through e-mails of potential system issues including water alert notices
  • Non-programmable thermostat: Keeps the temperature set at a constant setting all day and night

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